Our dear friend the artist Mike Kelley passed away over the weekend. Unstintingly passionate, habitually outspoken and immeasurably creative

in every genre or material with which he took up—and that was most of them, from performance and sculpture to painting, installation and video, from experimental music to writing in a thousand voices--Mike was an irresistible force in contemporary art. For Mike history existed only to be reconstructed, memory was selective, faulty and willful and life itself vibrant but often dysfunctional. We can hear him disagreeing with us. We cannot believe he is gone. But we know his legacy will continue to touch and challenge anyone who crosses its path. We will miss him. We will keep him with us. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Kelley Studio and Emi Fontana, Kourosh Larizadeh, Paul and Karen

McCarthy, Fredrik Nilsen, Anita Pace, Jim Shaw, Mary Clare Stevens, Marnie Weber, John C. Welchman [for all Mike’s many friends near and far]




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